How To Golf – Don’t Crush the Ball

How to GolfAnother key point that no one typically points out, is don’t try to crush the ball! When it comes to your Golf Swing the only part you really have to do is to get it started. After starting your downward swing, hold form and just let gravity and inertia do the rest. The weight from the club is going to be enough force to get the ball going. Inertia states, once in motion an object with stay in motion unless acted upon by an opposite force, meaning once you start your swing you will follow though your swing until it is complete. This will help you with a smooth easy stroke, getting the ball into the air and in a straight line.


About howtogolfguide

Hi and welcome to my blog on tactical golfing, learning how to golf tactically using an iphone app to reduce your handicap. There are tactical changes that you can make on the golf course that will allow you to quickly make improvements to your golf handicap. When looking at how to golf and making improvements to your game it’s important to be able to pin-point weak areas in your game. By doing this you can develop those areas and with will have the maximum effect on your golf handicap is the easiest way to improve your golf game. How to Golf tactically is something that we’ve had great success with in the past, but with this iphone app it becomes very easy to measure progress and can be updated while on the golf course. All the best in golfing, Bill
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