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Hi and welcome to my blog on tactical golfing, learning how to golf tactically using an iphone app to reduce your handicap. There are tactical changes that you can make on the golf course that will allow you to quickly make improvements to your golf handicap. When looking at how to golf and making improvements to your game it’s important to be able to pin-point weak areas in your game. By doing this you can develop those areas and with will have the maximum effect on your golf handicap is the easiest way to improve your golf game. How to Golf tactically is something that we’ve had great success with in the past, but with this iphone app it becomes very easy to measure progress and can be updated while on the golf course. All the best in golfing, Bill

New golf apps promise to fine-tune your game – Yahoo! News

By Ryan Derousseau If only perfecting your golf swing was as simple as playing Angry Birds. Well, while the idea of developing a PGA-quality swing will never be that easy, a growing array of mobile apps, now enhanced by cloud … Continue reading

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How to Golf – Becoming a Pro

When a beginner Golfer Decides they want to go pro there are a few things they have to accomplish first. Number one on the list is getting into a tournament. All tournaments have certain requirements for their applicants in order … Continue reading

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How To Golf – Your Golf Swing

A key point to improving your Golf Swing is going to be the shift of your weight. When starting with your swing, your body weight should be sitting slightly more to your back foot. Pretend that your weight is attached … Continue reading

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How To Golf – Don’t Crush the Ball

Another key point that no one typically points out, is don’t try to crush the ball! When it comes to your Golf Swing the only part you really have to do is to get it started. After starting your downward … Continue reading

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How To Golf – Getting it Straight

When starting your swing there are a few things to remember here are a few Beginner Golf Tips. A complete swing should begin, follow through, and end all in one smooth stroke. Your swing should follow the shape of a … Continue reading

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How To Golf – Beginners Golf Tips

Have you ever notice the head of a golf club? They are all slanted! There is a very good reason for this, that slant to the club is called loft. This loft is there to help the ball get into … Continue reading

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Beginners How To Golf Tip #4

Have loads of patience. Golf is not a game that can be learned in a day. It may take years to get a great golf swing that keeps the ball headed straight down the green and not headed straight for … Continue reading

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